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digital nomad lifestyleHi, this is Marcos.

I’ve been a digital marketer since 2006.

I used to be one of the millions of people with a “cubicle job”… if you know what I mean.

It wasn’t a bad job, and the pay was decent.

But it wasn’t the way I wanted to live my life.

To me, money is not what really matters.

What really matters is being able to choose what to do with your time.

There are some things that I wouldn’t change for all the money in the world.

Like being home when my kids come back from school. Or sharing sports with my son.

Or taking off for one year and a half with my wife and kids to travel the world.

These are experiences that most people will never get to live.

I always built my online business with the explicit intention of freeing up my personal time. I never wanted to spend 6 or 8 hours a day in front of the screen.

This is one of the mistakes that I see when people start an online business. They create a job for themselves. It might be a better paying job, and with more freedom. But it’s still a job that they need to keep showing up to every day.

My approach to online business is different.

I create online assets.

Once they are established these assets generate revenue for years with very minimal maintenance.

How many of these assets you have in your portfolio is only limited by your own will.

Many times I get asked: “so what is it that you do?”

The easy and short answer is “digital marketing”.

But when someone asks me: “so how is it that you could travel all around the world and keep doing your job?”

… there is no easy and quick answer to that one.

The best I could come up with is to build the Digital Growth Center.

Here you will find the blueprint that I used (and keep using) to build these online assets that generate passive revenue.