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Which should be your #1 traffic tactic?

or… why choose? right?

I personally think that you should be using both.)

While Facebook Organic Marketing can give you fast results with zero investment and in record time (making it ideal for people getting started)…

Google Organic Marketing is where you build evergreen assets that last for years and keep bringing the checks in… whether you put in the work or not.

This month I’ll get another $15K bank transfer for work that I did 6 years ago.

And it happens every month.

Here’s a summary of what you can expect from Facebook Organic Marketing:

  • You use your own profile
  • Your Name and your Personal Brand is part of your marketing
  • You get fast results
  • Daily grind
  • You don’t outsource it
  • It’s personal, no one else can do it for you
  • You can do it with zero investment, no website, no funnel, no tech at all
And here’s a summary of what you can expect from Google Organic Marketing:
  • You can use it to grow your personal branding or not
  • You need a website
  • You get results in months (or weeks if you have an established website)
  • You work hard in one content asset at a time, and it becomes evergreen content
  • You can outsource part or all of it
  • It can be a personal project, or it can be 100% in a niche that you’ve never worked (it can even be in a niche that you don’t even enjoy)
  • You need to invest, at the very minimum, in a domain and a host

Both systems give you awesome results.

Do you choose one or over the other or you use both?

(I use both)