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…is what every prospect is thinking when they come across your sales copy.
What should your response be?
Hmmm… this is a great product?
Hmmm… I have a lot of experience?
Hmmm… Did I add some really cool bonuses?
NO….NO…..and… let me think… how about NO!
You can toot your horn all day about how cool you and your product/service are. You can show all your lifestyle pictures, screenshots, testimonials, stack your offers, and so on.
But when the rubber meets the road, clearly explaining features, benefits, and giving proof that your product or service works, is ONLY the beginning of the journey.
You see, if you believe that people buy based on how well you explain your offer, you are making the assumption that people make rational decisions.
But in reality, people make emotional decisions.
So the question becomes, how do I connect with people on an emotional level?
Why should they give a living s… about you and your offer?
(It’s not like there’s a shortage of offers on the internet!!!)


People don’t buy using logic. They buy using emotion. They justify it with logic.
The real estate agent who buys into a $10K -$30K coaching program doesn’t care if you added a 6th module into your program.
What they truly care about is being the top agent in their area…or the car they’ll drive…
Or something else… IT’S YOUR JOB TO FIND OUT what triggers the emotions of your prospects.
Is it Status?
Is it belonging to a group?
What is it?


Understand what your prospects are afraid of and they’ll come to you with their open wallets.
I learned this the hard way, a couple of years ago we were working on a product launch for a fitness product for middle-aged men.
Our sales copy was going on about six-packs and body beach.
But in reality, these guys were more driven by fear and pain than anything else.
Fear of what? Of not growing old to see their grandchildren. Of not having enough health and energy to play with their kids. Of dying of a heart attack.
When we figured this out (by interviewing a bunch of them) we changed our copy and sales went to the roof.
So think about your offer: what are your prospects afraid that you will be able to help them with?


The human brain is wired for stories.
Get a kid to memorize all the rivers in Europe… and it’s going to be a struggle.
Tell a kid the story of how Julius Caesar conquered Gaul… and if you are good at telling stories they’ll remember EVERY single detail. The battles, the sizes of the armies, the struggles they had, etc.
(My son can talk for hours about stories of Greek Gods… because he read the Percy Jackson series)
How does this connect with selling?
Try to convince someone with facts and proof about something… and it’s a struggle.
Tell someone a story… and they’ll listen.
So build proof into your story. Tell the story of how your offer transformed you or other people.
This will make your copy more relatable and will differentiate YOU from everything else out there.
(You have a monopoly on the market of people who resonate with YOUR story.)
So, my question to you is: what reasons are you giving your prospect to care about you?