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Maybe…. Sometimes.
Depending on the context and the tactical framework.
More importantly, you should ALSO publish content to:
1 – Repel bad prospects
2 – Attract good prospects and create attention, trust, and tension.
(1) Most people ignore this. Big mistake. You don’t want to use your time to serve the wrong audience.
This is not a judgment or a moral issue. You are not meant to help everyone. You are not meant to empathize with everyone.
So be grateful to be able to move away from your bad prospects.
(2) Freed from the bad ones, you are 100% committed to helping your tribe. Be there for them, be professional, give them content that helps them get what they want, and give them ways to challenge themselves and get more results.
(2.1) – Earn their ATTENTION: blow their minds up with content they haven’t seen before.

How do you do that? By blending your story in your content.

(2.2) – Earn their TRUST by giving them more value for free than other people charge for.
(2.3) – Create TENSION to give them reasons to solve more problems (with your offers.)