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Back in 1998, I met with a very successful entrepreneur who was pretty close to making a deal with Amazon.

This was in the middle of the first dot com bubble.

He told me they spent a week meeting every day with the Amazon team.

(I don’t know if he met with Jeff Bezos or not… and Jeff wasn’t that famous back then)

At the end of the week… he was so excited, and in the last meeting, the Amazon guys told him: we won’t make the deal, we decided it’s not gonna happen.

He was distraught.

He asked… Why? I thought we were making progress… I thought we were on the same page.

They said: it’s a good deal, we COULD do it, it would probably be a good thing. BUT WE NEED TO FOCUS ON VERY FEW THINGS AND WE GOT VERY GOOD AT SAYING NO.


This was 1998… how did Amazon do since then?

The power of saying NO.

Every time you say NO to something, your level of Commitment and Focus to the few things that you said YES goes up.

If you say Yes to everything, it’s like running your browser with 78 open tabs, 8 open applications, and a desktop with screenshots you took 8 months ago.

First, it will slow down, then it will crash.

When you say NO to almost everything, but you commit to ONE strategy.

… it’s only a matter of time until you achieve your goals.

Commit to one strategy. Do one thing at a time and see it through. Stop pretending you are running multiple projects.

When you do ONE thing… you don’t need that much discipline and willpower.

It’s easy to do one thing at a time. It’s hard to do 10 things at the same time.